Canvas Paintings

by Katie

Wood Painting Parties

STEP 1:  Choose your wood sign size.  12"x12" signs are $35. 16"x16" signs are $40. 12'x24' wood trays are $45.

STEP 3:  Choose your stencil (you are picking the quote you want. You will customize your own colors at the event.)  Don't see what you want? Custom stencils are only an additional $5!

​We bring the wood painting party to you!  We bring the stained wood signs and pre-cut vinyl stencils of your choice, then with our help, you "weed" your stencils, apply them to the sign, and paint with your choice of colors.  Once we remove our stencils, the natural wood will show in the background, and your painted words will appear!  No skill required- the stencil allows for beautiful and crisp lines every time! These turn out lovely and make wonderful gifts :)

* $200 in orders minimum (orders due approximately 1 week before your event)

          *guests can mix & match sign sizes and stain choices and even wood trays

          *each guest can paint as many items as they want to

*Host receives 3 signs or trays for FREE as a thank you for hosting !

STEP 2:  Choose your wood stain.  Light or Dark. You can also choose to white wash your sign at the event! All wood trays are light stained with black metal handles.